SHOCKING: Two Puppies TRAPPED In A Well With A King Cobra!

In India, the owner of a dog that had recently given birth to pups found something horrifying in his well one day. The mother of the puppies began frantically barking for help when she realized that she couldn’t retrieve her pups after they had fallen into a well. The owner came quickly and found a king cobra protecting the puppies by making sure they didn’t go near the water and drown. The cobra acted like a parent to the trapped puppies, protectively keeping them from harm.
4.27a1They were trapped for over 48 hours, and the cobra never gave up and stopped the pups every time they went near the water, calmly watching over the small dogs. When help finally arrived to rescue the animals, the cobra backed away and allowed rescue workers to take the pups out of the well. The puppies were examined and were found in perfect condition, just very hungry. The cobra hadn’t touched them. The puppies were given back to their mother and the cobra was released back into the wild.

Some say that the cobra had probably just had a meal and thus wasn’t inclined to attack the puppies. Others say that the cobra may have been able to tell that the dogs were young and in need of protection. Unfortunately, we will never truly know the motive behind the cobras actions…or inactions in this case, but it is sweet to think that this predator may have recognized the the vulnerable puppies were in trouble and needed help.

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