Shocking Home Decor You Will Instantly Want

You won’t believe these spectacular home decor pictures that people have in their home! From bathrooms to movie rooms you are going to be shocked! Each design is thought out and glamorous. After seeing these pictures you may be putting some ideas on a home decor wish-list!

1. Relax and lie down in your shower or steam room with this lovely lounge!


2. These baseboards actually vacuum up dirt. So easy and genius! 


3. A fireplace with built in seats! Kids would love this.


4. Connect two rooms by making a fun tunnel for kids to crawl through! It also looks great!


5. Put in a hammock if you have an extra tall ceiling!


6. Turn your room or attic into a cozy pillow pit/home theater.


7. Hidden entrance to a secret shelter. Super cool!



8. Stools in your pool for a swim up bar!


9. Check out this luxury compartmentalized bathtub!


10. This is an amazing hallway creek with glass over it to walk over!


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