She’s Wearing The Title Of “Meanest Mom Ever” Like A Badge Of Honor. Wait Until You See What She’s Done!

Do you remember the “Meanest Mom” from this post? We have a new candidate. Amy Adams had given her teenaged daughter arguably the coolest truck for a girl in the country to drive to school. This is every kid’s dream! Having their own vehicle to drive around, being independent, and treated as an adult is something that a lot of kids don’t get to experience. But this teenager took advantage of her mother’s kindness and began skipping school.


Adams warned her daughter that the behavior had to stop. She had already skipped school multiple times and was being given just one more chance to make better choices. Unfortunately, the girl skipped school again one Monday, despite her mother’s warnings to straighten up.

This beautiful truck, complete with 35″ tires and a bumper sticker that says “silly boys, trucks are for girls” is now for sale on craigslist.

Amy posted an ad for the sale of the truck along with this:
4.26a39 4.26a40“Parents shouldn’t act like friends,” and Amy believes that her decision to sell the truck will be the wake up call that her daughter needs. She isn’t just disobeying her mother, she is taking advantage of her family’s generosity and doesn’t realize what a lasting impact her actions will have on her future.

The money made will be used to buy another (way less cool, probably) car once she proves to her mother that she has learned her lesson and can be responsible with her future choices.

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