She’s The Last Person On Earth Who Was Born In The 1800s. She Reveals Her Secret!

Emma Morano lives in Vercelli, Italy, and is celebrating her 117th birthday. Not only is she the world’s oldest living person, she is also the last person alive to have witnessed the 1800s.

Emma was born in 1899, and although she was only an infant at the time, no one else on Earth can beat her accomplishment. Britain was still at war with the Boers in South Africa by the time she was born. She would be 15 years old when World War I began. She would be 28 by the time the television would be invented. 

She has seen and witnessed lifetimes worth of events over her century-long life, and attributes it to advice that she received in her 20’s. A doctor told her that eating two eggs a day would keep her healthy and strong. Since that time, Emma has eaten three eggs each day – two of them raw – mixed with a bit of raw meat, and sometimes indulges in chocolates or cookies.

She can’t eat much as she has lost most of her teeth, but her family has had a history of long lifespans. Her mother and an aunt reached 90 years, and one of her sisters died at 102.

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