She’s Sitting At The Bus Stop In GIANT Sunglasses. Here’s What She Has To Say To You:

Lee Taylor is 83 years old. At an age when most people are getting serious about what might lay ahead of them in the future, she has a different approach to tackling every new day. Sitting at home, watching television, and doing nothing just doesn’t interest her. She can’t really understand why anyone would choose to live without “fun” in their lives.

Sitting at a bus stop along Hudson Street, she caught the eye of Nicole Begiveno, a staff photographer for the New York Times. She was so moved by the woman that she asked to take a picture, and for a quote to go along with the quirky photograph.

It happens all the time,” Lee commented about being asked why she was wearing silly glasses. “To spread the fun and make new friends.”

7.22a3Her words of wisdom are spreading far across the internet as people share her story. She’s inspiring others not to waste their days. Get out there and enjoy life. Meet new people, wear your favorite clothes, and if you want to really make an impression, put on a huge pair of funky glasses because you never know who might need a good laugh! They really are the best way to start a conversation!

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