She’s Just Trying To Fry Some Eggs, But Her Husband Is FREAKING OUT In The Kitchen! When He Explained, She Almost Hit Him With The Pan!

This woman was just trying to fry some eggs for breakfast for herself and her husband. She had already put the coffee on, the bacon was done, and all that was left was to finish up these eggs. She’s been frying eggs for years – like most of us, cooking eggs is a learned skill but it’s really not that hard. Put the egg in some oil or butter. Don’t let the egg burn. If you cook it too long it can get rubbery. It takes some practice but at the end of the day, it’s just an egg. Right? To this husband, watching his wife cook an egg was impossible! When he finally explained himself, I had to laugh.


“Backseat driving” has been around since the invention of cars (probably) and you all know what it means. A backseat driver will constantly interrupt with things that are common knowledge, or insist that you’re driving too fast, too slow. Their frantic interruptions can sometimes even lead to accidents if they scare the driver enough! I’ve been married forĀ years and I am still guilty of this habit when I’m not in the driver’s seat. How do you go about breaking it? Sadly, I’m not sure there is a solution other than, “hey, stop that.” How do you deal with backseat drivers?

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