She’s An Amazing Wedding Photographer. She’s Only 9.

Trying new things is what kids do. Painting, running, swimming, and sometimes photography, kids will try it all…but if we’re honest, we never expect them to be very good at it. That’s why one 9-year-old girl in Scotland is blowing people away with her incredible photographs.

Regina Wyllie picked up a camera at age 3 and began to take pictures. She loved asking questions about photography and her parents encouraged her curiosity. She learned to navigate the settings on a camera before she learned long division, and it has quickly become her passion.

Her father owns a photography company, and many people have questioned whether or not it really is Regina making these works of art. He insists that although he will offer guidance when she asks, she does it all on her own.
6.20a7Regina has learned that she can make people happy through her work. She loves photography, and thinks that it is absolutely incredible to be able to “capture something nice for people to enjoy.”

Her photos are gorgeous, and while photography may run in her veins, there is something to be said about children who pick up a hobby this young.

6.20a6If she stuck with photography, there is no doubt that she would be successful – even without dad. But she says that her real passion is clothing. She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up!6.20a5She’s got an eye for beautiful settings and capturing a feeling. People are in love with her work – these wedding photos will be treasured always!

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