“Shelter Dog Sleep-Overs” Are A Thing, And They Are ADORABLE!

Paul Anka spent nine long months at the LifeLine Animal Project shelter in Georgia before getting adopted. Those months were long and hard, with no place to call home and no humans to call family, Paul Anka’s future was uncertain…until the shelter had an idea that is changing the lives of adoptable animals in Georgia!8.30a18

The shelter already had a Dog For A Day program that let people interested in adoption play around with adoptable pups for a day, taking them to parks or hanging out with them at the shelter. Expanding that program to include overnight visits was easy as pie!8.30a19

They dressed Paul Anka in some hilarious doggy pajamas and posted a video, offering him up for an overnight visit. He loved his pajamas, and his silly antics attracted a lot of interest from people looking to adopt a pet. One family was chosen to take him home for the night…and the next day, they called the shelter and asked for more time. They couldn’t believe that this vivacious, lovable pooch had been in the shelter for so long!8.30a20

Predictably, the day after that, they told the shelter that they wanted to welcome Paul Anka into their home for good.8.30a21

Due to the success of their first puppy sleep-over, they are now dressing up other adoptable dogs in pajamas and hoping that more families will be open to adoption after experiencing the love and cuddles of a friendly dog.8.30a22Giving people a chance to “borrow” a dog lets them see what it’s like to have one in their home full-time. Their fears disappear once they realize what its really like to have a dog, and more animals are adopted each month because of this neat program.


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