Shelter Cats Receive Hilarious “Likes And Dislikes” Ads To Help Them Get Adopted

The Sante D’Or Adoption Center in Los Angeles was targeted by Obvious Plant, a local prankster who frequently posts fake ads in public places, like target or the grocery store. But this time, he worked with the center to make helpful ads…that still made people laugh! He was given a list of the adoptable cats, pictures to use, a description of their personalities, and their names…the rest was up to him!Each cat is very real and very adoptable – the center hopes that the exposure will help people to be more open minded about adopting a cat in need.The shelter welcomes the attention!The cats apparently have different tastes in music.While most cats enjoy time-travel, they have their preferences.
If you happen to know of any good spell reversals, now would be the time to come forward…Adoption is a wonderful way to welcome a new family member into your home – it saves a life and brings a lot of joy! The community responded to the ads with love and support. Many people wished that they lived closer to this center in order to visit these cats for themselves…but say that they will be going to their own local shelters to see if a new cat is the right fit for their family!

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