She’d Been Delayed For Hours…But Then She Met A Soldier Who Had Been Delayed For DAYS!

Nikki Young was having a rough day of it. She’d been at the airport for hours after waiting for her flight that kept getting delayed. She was losing patience, the food from the airport wasn’t very good, and the was just not turning out the way she had planned.

But almost instantly, her outlook shifted when she met this soldier.

Something changed in my heart…God put a stop to all my complaining right away. I met the nicest soldier who had just spent nearly 2 days and 6 different flights to try to get back home to San Antonio after being away from her husband for 6 months while serving in Jordan.” 

At this point, Nikki had been placed on stand-by for another flight, but when she realized that the soldier was trying to get on the same flight, she instantly offered up her seat, insisting that the woman should take priority over her.

She was so incredibly grateful, she nearly cried. We hugged and she expressed her incredible gratitude, I couldn’t believe how nice she was. She was thanking me?!! It is I who am most grateful for her service in continuing to fight for our freedom to even allow me to be in this position, to have the luxury of getting to travel whenever and wherever. I was immediately moved to help out this soldier who has done so much more for me than I could ever repay her and so many for.” She wrote.

While her day of traveling would be a little longer, this soldier’s journey home was instantly made a lot shorter! She posted this picture to keep others aware and hopefully help other soldiers who may be in the same position.

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