She Wrote To The City To Request A Building Permit…For A GINGERBREAD House!

One division at an elementary school in Surrey decided to write to their city’s planning department to ask permission to build a very special project…and the city wrote back!

Instead of ignoring the (totally adorable) request by the class to build a gingerbread neighborhood, the employee decided to fill out a permit and grant the children permission to make their gingerbread dreams come true. The employee even used the city’s official form to do it!

Dear Planning Department

We are asking permission (for permits) to build a community of gingerbread houses in the neighbourhood on Friday, December 15 of this year.

We will not cut down any trees and we will not need to buy any land.

We will use 6 crackers (graham), candies, icing, and chocolate.

Some of them will disappear and only crumbs will be left. My house will look like this…


The Students”

The official response reminded the children that officials would need to pass a “taste test” inspection, that the houses must be made only of candy and be cute and delicious, and that there is roof access for Santa and his reindeer.

The best part of all?

PERMIT TYPE: Residential C-S
BUILDING TYPE: Gingerbread


Including the little stamp of a gingerbread man was the perfect touch!

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