She Wrote THIS Letter To Her Teacher While On Medication After Having Wisdom Teeth Pulled

Abby Jo Hamele knew that she would need time to recover after having her wisdom teeth pulled, but the effects of the recovery medication were more than she could handle. Without stopping to think twice, she wrote a lengthy apology to her Philosophy 101 teacher’s aide and…well, it didn’t go quite as she planned. The medication had a big impact on her ability to function and she knew that she had a deadline coming up for a big paper. She knew that it was due “around Thanksgiving,” but wasn’t sure. This hilarious email is the result of her combined panic and medicated state:12-2z1Thankfully, Kevin realized exactly what had happened and let Abby Jo know that she had an additional week to turn in her paper! He also assumed that her spelling errors were due to heavy medication…and told her that he hoped her spelling was better in her final draft!

Abby Jo’s friends were more amused by the way she ended her email with a simple “love you bye.” Not her name, not a thank you – just “love you bye.”

Twitter was in love with her admission, and when it went viral, Kevin even tweeted out that it really happened and wasn’t just a made up story! Have you ever done something like this?! How embarrassing!


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