She Wrote This Letter To An Ex After Realizing One Eye-Opening Thing! Thousands Of People Agree!

Brittaney Shane had been in a relationship for 2 years. Sure, it had its quirks and ups and downs, but she was happy…or so she thought. She was with a man who constantly wanted her to change and didn’t respect her right to be who she was, dress how she wanted, or even keep her hair the way she liked it. She accepted it because she thought she was in love.

When one day, he left her for another woman, she saw him for what he was…

She decided that enough was enough. She had been drowning in self-pity. She didn’t love who she had become. She didn’t love her body, her life, or her attitude towards life. And so she decided to do something about it…and shared it all on Facebook!


Finding confidence in who you are is an important step in life. Realizing that you are more than what someone says you are is a big change for most people, and by the numbers of times this post has been liked and shared, it is incredibly clear that Brittaney is not alone in feeling this way.

Sometimes, people try to control us in little ways. They don’t always realize that they are doing it…but in her case, she decided to recognize that her relationship had been unhealthy, and hopes that more people will see her journey and take this important step for themselves, too!

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