She Wrote In To “Ask Amy” About Her Sister. The Answer Left Everyone Cheering!

The “ask” columns in newspapers and online messaging boards are extremely popular because they are anonymous. People can write in and say whatever they want without any real repercussions. Women can write in about their affairs or issues with their friends, and no one knows who really wrote the letter. The layer of anonymity makes these stories even juicier to read!

But one woman wrote in and had a little too much to say…and the irony was that she had no idea what she had written was the REASON for her problem!


How this woman has friends in the first place is beyond me! And not one of the many women who were on the trip thought it would be kind to invite the other sister? Terrible. These women are horrible people, and I hope that once they apologized and invited her on the trips…that she turned them down! Who would want to go on a trip with them, anyway?

This answer has gone viral for the simple fact that Amy shut her oblivious complaints down immediately. She didn’t even wait for the second sentence. This answer was swift and immediate justice! I only wish I could have seen this woman’s face when she read it!

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