She Wrote Her Number On This Softball And Tossed It Into The Ocean…Six Years Later She Gets A Message!

You’d think that after being in the ocean for six years, the writing would have worn off. When Hayley wrote a message on a bright yellow softball, she half expected to never hear anything about it ever again. Well, that softball must have wedged itself between some rocks (like this one!) or otherwise found a way to hide from the elements, because six years later, it is still perfectly legible!

If found call – cute guys” She wrote, adding her name and cell number.

Years after chucking the softball into the waves, she receives a mysterious text!

It turned out that a “cute guy” hadn’t actually found the softball…it was a girl named Kelci all along! She thought it would be fun to see who the softball once belonged to, but people were more amazed that she’d kept the same number for six years in a row.

Unfortunately, in her excitement, Hayley shared the original picture of the softball without editing out her real phone number! The tweet went viral, with thousands of people seeing it. She might finally have to change that number.

Oops! It made for a hilarious story, and others have said that they plan to do the same thing. While littering into the ocean with random objects isn’t the best idea, making contact with a complete stranger six years later was pretty impressive!

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