She Wrote An Open Letter To The Previous Owner Of This Abused Dog, And It BROKE My Heart!

“Mama Jade,” so nicknamed by the staff of this animal hospital, has had the toughest life imaginable. Although she cannot speak about what she has endured, the scars and marks on her body show the world how cruel some humans can be. When this woman found Mama Jade lying on her front porch, she couldn’t help but share this brave dog’s story with the world. At first, she only hoped to find the sadistic person who had treated another living being so horribly, but it soon went VIRAL and spiraled into something else entirely…


Mama Jade is now in a forever home and has become the face of an organization that helps neglected and abused animals find the help that they need. While they may never discover who brutalized this animal, they have helped thousands of suffering dogs since then. Mama Jade started a movement in that town that spread across the world. While the story is quite gruesome, the ending is sweet, and stories like this give me hope for the dogs who suffer at the hands of terrible, senseless people.

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