She Wrote An Anonymous Letter To A Cafe Owner – And Hopes That They Will See It!!

Life gets hard sometimes. Things build up, we get overwhelmed, and stress can seem like an impossible obstacle. For some mothers who have just given birth, depression can magnify these concerns to an alarming degree. This mother was too embarrassed to post her thanks on social media, but her courage in writing this letter have gone viral. So many mothers suffer this same affliction, and they are finding it so incredibly reassuring that they aren’t alone.


Dear Cafe Owner,

You must have thought I was a bit strange when I stood outside your cafe trying to open the door when you had clearly just closed. You might not remember me – I had a baby in a pram and a hospital wrist band on.

I wanted to thank you for inviting me in out of the heat and kindly making me a coffee, even though you probably wanted to go home.

When you asked if I’d walked over from the hospital, I was too embarrassed to tell you I’ve got post-natal depression and my baby doesn’t sleep and I’m just exhausted. Walking to a cafe for a break was what I needed as much as the coffee. Your kindness made a difference to my day, and reminded me of the saying, “Be kind to everyone you meet because you don’t know [the] battles they are fighting.

Thank you”

1.20a1I don’t know if the owner of this cafe will ever see the letter. They might not even remember the woman after so much time as passed. But this letter was more for this mother to share her thanks than to speak to the owner of this cafe. So many people can relate to her letter, and it has inspired others to be more caring of the strangers around them…and that is more than anyone could have asked for!

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