She Writes An Open Letter to The Anonymous Man Who Saw Her At Her WORST In The Grocery Store…It’s Gone VIRAL!

By the look of it, “paying it forward” didn’t stop when the holiday sales ended. “Giving back” didn’t become a nice thing to say when you give someone the spare change jingling in your pocket. “Helping the needy” is no longer just a thing that other people do when they want to feel good about themselves. More and more stories are surfacing of Good Samaritans who are out to change the world, one good deed at a time. If you’ve ever been in a tight situation, you can relate to the relief of this mother struggling to make ends meet. Maybe YOU are the Man in the Red Sweatshirt. For the rest of us, we can appreciate the sentiment and be reminded that even the smallest gesture of kindness can go farther than we ever imagined.



This mom is grateful for the kindness extended to her by this kind stranger, from the bottom of her heart. When she gets back on her feet, you know that she will pay it forward because she knows what it feels like to need that little extra bit of help. This one man’s good deed didn’t stop when this mom got home and unloaded the groceries. His one good deed will follow this mom for a while. His one good deed will be shared hundreds of thousands of times, inspiring others to do the same…and the best part is that he may never even find out just how far his kindness will spread.

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