She Writes About Her Experience At A Clothing Department On Their Facebook Wall…And Had Everyone In TEARS!

She lost her baby girl – something no parent should ever have to endure. While thinking past the grief can be an impossible thing to even begin to think about, she still had things that needed to be done. The hardest task of all…was picking out the clothes to bury her baby girl in. The last time she would see her daughter, the last thing her daughter would ever wear…how do you choose something like that? How do you stay calm enough to make a choice like that? The staff at this store may not have fully understood her grief…


…but they were compassionate regardless. I don’t know how those parents found the strength to walk into that store, knowing that they were looking for an outfit to bury their baby girl…but I know how they found the strength to walk out! Support in hard times is the one thing that humans are best at – we might not always understand the pain that someone else is going through, but we can offer up our encouragement and help as much as possible when it really matters. I hope that these employees were commended on their wonderful care, and I hope that this couple can one day overcome their grief…even if it’s just a little bit!

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