She Wore Her Engagement Ring For An Entire Year…And Had NO Idea!

A couple from Australia is amusing the world with their unique engagement story, and quite frankly, it’ll be hard for others to top.

Terry and Anna had been dating for one year, and on their anniversary, Terry hand-crafted a necklace for Anna to wear. She loved it and it fit her adventurous personality in a way that is hard to replicate. The wooden medallion inlaid with a beautiful shell stayed with her all year. She wore it everywhere (and even got sunburns around the shape!) and rarely ever took it off.

The wood was Huon pine from a tree native to Tasmania, but hidden inside was the engagement ring that he planned to give her one year later.During a visit to the Smoo Cave in Northern Scotland, he asked her to give him the necklace as he planned to take some artsy shots of it at sunset. What he was really doing? Cracking it open to reveal the hidden treasure.

It was a hilarious mix of happy and angry,” he recalled.

He broke the seal that protected the ring and revealed the secret that she had been carrying for a year.

…wait, it’s been in there the entire time?! I could have lost it you f****** IDIOT!” She exclaimed.

But of course, she said ‘yes!’

An added bonus? The origin for the word “Smoo” isĀ an old Norse word that means “hiding place.”

Well done, Terry!

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