She Wore A Mask For Two Years For One HORRIFYING Reason. When She Takes It OFF?! She Shocks EVERYONE!

Dana Vulin went to the edge of death and struggled to come back from it in only a short 2 years. Her story is as shocking as a story can possibly get.

In this picture, Dana is 25 years old. She had friends and family, a job that she loved, and a very busy social life…but it all changed in a matter of SECONDS.

12.8e1 You see, Dana was taking her new man to a party. They weren’t that serious yet, but on the road to getting to know one another. Dana decided to take him to a party…but she never considered that his ex-wife had a streak of CRAZY that would cause her to break into Dana’s house, douse her with methylated spirits while she was sleeping, and light her ON FIRE. The reason? She was jealous of Dana’s beauty and her ex-husband moving on without her.

As Dana was burning alive, she could hear Natalie laughing as she left the house. When the flames died down and she was finally in the hospital, more than 2/3 of her body had been affected by the violent attack. She was put into an induced coma because of the severity of her injuries.

Her recovery was extensive, painful, and horrific, but she fought bravely through the pain to become the woman she had once been. Over 30 reconstructive surgeries had to be done in order to reconstruct her face and body.


Her attacker was sentenced to 17 years in prison. Dana left the courtroom determined not to let this injury define her.12.8e5

But the road for Dana became even harder when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. While struggling to get her identity back, this felt like an impossible thing to cope with. Fortunately, she never gave up. She was able to beat her cancer and continue fighting to regain total control of her body as well as overcome the obstacles in her path.


It’s your identity, so I think in order for somebody to heal inside you have to heal on the outside. I have the right to have my face that I was born with back. Everyone has the right to have their face.”


She revealed her progress on television, and the world could not believe their eyes.


It would’ve been easier to die, but I’ve never taken the easy road to anything so…It is the hardest, rockiest, biggest mountain you can possibly think of.”

Although she fought long and hard to be where she is now, she understands that she still has a long way to go by healing emotionally. This is an incredible woman with an incredible story, and I’m so glad that at least some form of justice was served in her case.


At 29 years old, she is well on her way to healing and getting her life back, and I say that she is definitely someone who deserves a LOT of respect! Amazing!

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