She Won $200 From A Scratch-Off Ticket…But What She Decided To Do Changed One Man’s Life FOREVER!

How often do you play the lottery? Maybe you only buy a ticket for the really BIG lottery, or maybe you sometimes buy scratch-off tickets instead for a few bucks “just because.” These are usually purchased with the leftover change after filling up the gas tank, or a spur-of-the-moment purchase in line at the grocery store. You might win $20 one time and lose the next three, but that doesn’t stop people from playing often. For Sofia Lorena, she had an experience that not only changed her life, it changed the life of someone she had never met before! What an incredible story! 


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So what did she do next? She decided to start a crowd-funding campaign to raise enough money for this sweet man to have a few more nights in the hotel since the shelters were full and the temperature was just too cold for anyone to be outside. Over the course of a few days, she had raised over $15,000 for this man to get back onto his feet! The generosity of complete strangers is astounding sometimes! Most people passed him by on the streets after reading his sign and seeing his predicament…but Sofia knew that she had to do something. His life is forever changed, and she walked away from this experience with a new-found respect for the people who are down on their luck. Amazing!

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