She Witnesses A Selfless Act While Out On Errands…She Never Thought It Would Go VIRAL!

Caring for the elderly is something that we should all try to do. It might be just grabbing the mail for your elderly neighbor in the afternoons, picking up a few groceries for the woman who lives next door, or bringing an extra plate of dinner to the old widower down the street on the weekends. The stereotype is “helping an old lady cross the street” that we see on television, but in reality, sometimes they actually do need help crossing the street!

We don’t think about it too often because it’s easier to pretend that “I’ll never be that old,” or “I won’t need help when I’m older.” The truth is that we probably will at some point or another. This young kid saw an elderly man who needed his assistance and didn’t hesitate to help out where he could! His story was shared the very next day and went VIRAL faster than anyone imagined!


When people shared this story, they usually included a phrase along the lines of “my faith in humanity has been restored!” Too many news stories are shared about the tragedy that happens in the world. Negative news gets more of the spotlight than stories like this, and I think that needs to change as soon as possible! This young man deserves so much more than a quarter of a million likes!

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