She Witnesses A Horrific Traffic Accident, But The Actions Of The Others Around Shocks Her Even MORE!

How many times have you witnessed an accident on the road? I’m not talking about fender-benders or cars broken down on the side of the highway. I mean accidents where someone could have died if not for the quick-thinking civilians who witnessed it as it happened. Until I was 23, I had never seen an accident in my life. Sure, I may have driven past a few that had already happened, but emergency personnel were already on the scene, either helping the injured of just finishing up their paperwork. 

This woman witnessed a crash that was so horrific, she didn’t even think twice about waiting for emergency personnel! She jumped into action, and was surprised when the people around her stopped as well…


When accidents happen, we all seem to band together and try to help as best we can. It doesn’t matter what race, background, religion, or political affiliation we might hold as individuals – our instinct is to save lives. Our instinct is to help others. We don’t have to know a single thing about someone, but if we see them in pain, struggling, or in need of help – even if it’s just holding open a door for someone with their hands full – we try our best to help each other out. This woman just happened to be a part of something incredibly wonderful that has gone VIRAL for obvious reasons!

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