She Witnessed A Boy Being Bullied For Wearing Old Shoes And HAD To Do Something About It

Not every child grows up with everything they need. More often, they “make do” with old clothing, school supplies, and even shoes when their parents can’t afford new things.

One 10-year-old boy was hoping his old pair of shoes would last just one more basketball game, but was heartbroken when they fell apart too soon. Other children noticed and began to make fun of him. They called him names and started to laugh, pointing and insulting not only him, but his parents as well. He left the court, miserable and without shoes, bullied by the other children.

But Shaylynn Hampton had seen it all and was furious with how the other children had acted. She knew what it felt like to be bullied and didn’t want this little boy to feel like that ever again.

She had been given a pair of new shoes for her 13th birthday and thought they might fit the boy. Shaylynn took them from her closet and was on her way outside when her mother, Jacqyelyn, stopped her and asked what she was doing with the shoes.

Shaylynn explained, and her mother grabbed her cell phone and began recording immediately.10-11a3

If I didn’t do anything else right in this world, I did that right. I love her.” Jacquelyn, watching her daughter give away a pair of shoes on her birthday.

The boy tries them on, excited to have shoes without holes in them. The moment has been shared thousands of times, and people hope that this girl’s actions will inspire others to help those in need instead of hurt them.


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