She Witness Two Soldiers Rip Off Their American Flags And Hand Them To A Little Boy

Alyssa Galios was sitting in Starbucks to get some work done when something distracted her from her notes. There was a mom sitting with three young kids who were happily sipping and slurping away at their (probably) hot cocoa, laughing and joking with each other. But their giggles and laughter wasn’t what distracted her – it was when they suddenly went completely silent that she looked up from her work.

The kids were staring at two soldiers who walked through the doors in their uniforms. They take off their hats as soon as they walk in and grab a newspaper, quietly talking to each other before heading to the register to order…but something stops one of them. He had noticed the kids at the table and went to say hello.

How is your day going, little man?”

Toddler-sized-pleasantries are voiced. Favorite super heroes are revealed…. Then, after the exchange, the soldier (whom I later will find is named Pedro) stands up, and RIPS the velcro-American flag off of his arm.”

When the other soldier realizes what had happened, he ripped off his own flag and gave it as well. 11-16a8

The mom gushes her thanks. The boy stands and does his best solute. I have tears in my eyes. Can’t. Help. It.

They pose for a picture before the mom says “Time for school, lets go.” She thanks the soldiers time and time again as she walks out the door “Thank you for your service.”

But Alyssa couldn’t help herself and decides to ask the soldiers a few questions. It turns out that they are both dads, they have both been deployed, and they were both trying to be brave.

I was so nervous walking up to them at first that I was shaking. Mainly because I’m the kind of person who smiles at people and often get blank looks back.

But, these guys were open.  Honest.

They let me ask for their names.

They let me creepily friend them on Facebook.

I bet that would have let me take a picture with them, had I gotten up the courage to ask.”

This is the type of story we love to see, and the soldiers wanted her to share this bit of kindness in the hopes that it might inspire others as well.


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