She Went To Buy A Soda. When She Came Back, He Had Planned THIS!

You might know of a few good love stories – they usually end up being retold around holidays and birthdays, but this one just might take the cake! This family was started around their favorite pasttime – baseball!

Two decades ago, a foul ball hit her unexpectedly. The rest is a love story that is as heartwarming as it is original, and people can’t stop sharing it!

These two met at a ballpark 20 years ago. A foul ball hit her; he ran over to ask if she was okay.

He played men’s fast-pitch for her father for years and once they got married and had 2 girls, they played as well. Their daughter is actually the catcher in that first picture.

We live in a small town outside of Nashville, TN called Hendersonville. The rain has been a problem this high school softball season. So last week when they found out the makeup game was on their anniversary, Keith Byrd put a secret plan in motion to create a candlelight dinner for his wife Wendy. He recruited a couple of us to help him pull it off and we did. He arrived early to the park and hid the table, chairs, steak dinner, candles, and tablecloth. She was told to go to the concession stand and grab her daughter a drink while everyone rushed and set it up. Once she walked back down, it was setup. He also hired their original wedding singer to come and sing their wedding song. I took all the pictures.

Our daughters all play for the Lady Commandos at Hendersonville High School. They are the 2016 District Champs with a few of our daughters going on to play college ball next year. This couple’s daughter is one of those girls. Our daughters are Seniors so this was really special!”

She had no idea what was going on! They were well-known in their community and everyone was happy to help out to make the day as special as possible! A twenty-year anniversary is a special one, and they chose to spend it with their family…which almost makes this pop-up-restaurant even more special! They celebrated their love with the people they love the most. Too sweet!

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