She Went To Another Salon And Paid Actual Money For This! Luckily, They Were SAVED!

When getting a manicure, many women have a favorite nail bar and a favorite manicurist. It doesn’t always come cheap, and if they happen to be on a budget that month, some women end up trying to cut costs by finding a less expensive option to tide them over until they can go back to their regular salon. Usually, it isn’t such a big deal…but if you’re like this woman with nails that need a little extra attention, going somewhere new might end in disaster!

Emma went in asking for “round” nails…and came out with¬†these¬†talons. She was in a daze and just wanted to leave, so she paid and drove to her regular salon to beg for help.

Unfortunately, her nail artist was all booked up for the day! Emma was told to return to the other salon and have them removed and demand a refund!

Emma booked an appointment at her regular salon and thankfully, her nails were able to be saved.

Her experience was a combination of an inexperienced nail artist, a wide nail bed, and a lack of confidence to stop the nail artist after the first bad nail. She hopes that others will learn from her mistake and stick up for themselves whenever they spot something going wrong!
Luckily, her regular nail artist was able to fix the horrible job and now Emma’s nails look like they should have in the first place!

Have you ever had a nail job THAT bad?! Yikes!

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