She Went To A Theme Park And Walked Away With THIS Picture…She Can’t Stop Laughing!

Christine Sydelko is widely known as a comedic personality on social media, and doesn’t have a problem making fun of everything in life. From receiving free Crocs after getting a tattoo of the shoe on her arm to receiving an entire box of Taco Bell ‘salsa verde’ packets after making hilarious complaints on social media, there isn’t much that is off limits for this 22-year-old woman.

So, when she went to Disneyland, people weren’t sure what to expect. She decided to ride her favorite ride, the Bug’s Life-themed Heimlich Chew Chew Train (because of the silly German accent and slow pace of the ride) and posed for the standard picture.
10-5a12And as soon as she saw it, she lost it. She was wearing a jacket the same color as the ride and making the exact same face as the character. She immediately posted the picture to Twitter with the caption:

Ok but why do I look like the f***ing ride”

And people couldn’t stop laughing and sharing the comedic gold. A lot of people appreciated the picture because of her outrageous expression, but even more were glad that there was someone out there who didn’t mind making light of a funny situation. Her carefree attitude about the silly photo is what is really going viral, and we hope there will be more people in the world like her very soon!


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