She Went Out To Buy Cat Food For Elderly Cat. Came Home With Adorable Kitten Instead!

Six months ago, Stephanie J. adopted a 17-year-old tabby cat by the name of Sable. After she brought Sable home, she realized that the aging cat suffered from separation anxiety and had a lot of trouble being left alone for any period of time. Sable came from a household in Connecticut that neglected her for her entire life.

Once she was adopted by Stephanie and learned what it meant to be loved, she couldn’t stand being away from her new human. Stephanie reports that Sable completely owns the house and has grown into her role as house cat…but Stephanie still felt as if something was missing.

But one day, Stephanie was out buying cat food when she spotted “mini Sable” up for adoption. The kitten had the same coloring and the same soulful eyes as the elder cat and just knew they would be a perfect match. The kitten’s name was Khaleesi, and had the personality to match!
Sable was excited to meet the new kitten, letting her climb all over and even play with her tail.

So far the only hiss was when Khaleesi attempted to steal Sable’s food.” Stephanie reports.

The pair follow one another everywhere. Since adopting the kitten, Sable is no longer so lonesome and is more at ease when family members have to leave the house to run errands or go to work.

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