She Went Out For A Walk…But Almost Didn’t Make It Back Home! These Guys Came To The Rescue!

This 81-year-old mother liked to walk up and down her driveway every morning. It was a nice bit of exercise and made her happy to get out of the house and breathe fresh air. She usually walked until she came to the road before turning around and returning home. But one day, she hit the end of the driveway…and kept on going!


When her family realized that it had been much too long, they called the police for help. You see, their mother had dementia and they were worried that she might not be able to find her way back home! They let the officers know the area that she would be in and hoped that they would find her soon.

They sent out 5 officers and a K9 to search for the woman, but only needed to search for 40 minutes before they spotted her in the woods.

She was startled at the sudden appearance of the men in uniform and asked them if they were out for a walk too. It was a nice day out, they said, the perfect day for a walk!

She confessed that she had lost her way and was happy to have found them.

Officer Morrison took her hand and kindly guided her back to her home, making small talk as not to alarm her.

They asked her how she had gotten to live such a long and happy life. Her answer? “Eat good and stay active.” What beautiful advice!


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