She Went For A Walk And Came Across Something AWESOME Nailed To A Tree! She Wants Everyone To Do This!

She was out on a walk, enjoying the fresh air and getting in some exercise when she saw these boxes nailed to a tree. Usually when you go for a walk, you’ll see some squirrels and maybe a neighbor or two. But this is so rare!

It’s a sliding glass door filled with books! All sorts and sizes and genres and types! There is an honor system that explains how it works. She is overjoyed to find this!

I ran across one of the most AMAZING SELFLESS ACTS OF KINDNESS… A tree with a bookcase that read ‘WELCOME TO THE GIVING TREE. TAKE A BOOK OR TWO, LEAVE A BOOK OR TWO. ENJOY.” 4.7cover8

These little “book houses” are popping up all over the country! They are protected from snow and rain and moisture by being locked up in these little glass cases, and there is a surprising array of topics available. From recipe books to historical novels, there is sure to be something for everyone!


Small or large, it doesn’t matter how these libraries start! It’s a find way to get involved and to encourage others to read. Many of us have a stockpile of old books just gathering dust in the garage. Share them with your neighbors!


Who knows, you may end up starting a fun tradition!

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