She Wears These Crazy Costumes To Chemo Sessions To Help Her Kids Cope!

The battle against breast cancer is a rough one, but one mom refuses to let it get her – or her kids – down. Ashli Brehmm lives in Omaha, and she isn’t about to let it take away anything from her life. While the fight is hard, she puts a lot of effort into what she does. She won’t let it get the best of her.

Ashli has 3 sons who don’t exactly understand what is going on with their mom. One of her friends sent her a Wonder Woman shirt, complete with a cape and crown after she was diagnosed…and she decided to wear it to her first chemotherapy session. She hoped that the kids would think “chemo” as a fun activity. She wanted them to have hope. She didn’t want them to be scared.5.17a61

She says that her family is excited to go to chemo because it means she’s killing her cancer. She wants to be there for her kids’ futures. It’s changing her life for the better, so she celebrates as often as she can.5.17a63

For her last chemo session, she wore her wedding dress. It brought her the most luck in life, so it made sense that she would wear it. Besides, when else can you wear a wedding dress without people thinking you’re crazy?

Cancer’s an excuse to do crazy things.”5.17a62

Surviving cancer is a difficult feat, but Ashli kept a positive attitude throughout her time at the hospital. As a result, her children see it as a time of celebration – not of sadness or pain. This mom did an incredible thing!

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