She Wasn’t Sure That Her Son Was Listening To Her…But These Two Snapshots Confirmed That He Paid More Attention Than He Let On!

Raising children to grow up and be good people is the most difficult challenge put to parents. There are so many different ways to do one thing that picking and choosing which methods are right for each child can make your head spin. One mom didn’t stop to wonder what her child would do if she asked him to check on their neighbor – she tried to explain to him that it was the kind thing to do in the situation…but he went above and beyond! And after a while, she realized that he would probably never stop!

Last year I mentioned to my son, Noah, that he should go across the street and help the elderly gentleman shovel his driveway and sidewalk because he was out there alone attempting to do himself. (I also said not to take any money should he offer any.) Noah didn’t even question it. He immediately walked over and after a few minutes I looked out the window to capture this photo of the two shaking hands.


Noah came back about 15 minutes later and said the neighbor claimed he didn’t need any assistance. I asked why he was gone so long and Noah said, ‘He was telling me stories about his time in Korea.’ Amazing that a 16-year-old would happily stay and let the man share some memories.

Then earlier this year, Noah and I had stopped at a senior center in a neighboring city to visit my dad for a few minutes. We were talking and I looked up to see this: Noah had gotten up and gone over to play chess with a man who was sitting by himself.


It’s heartwarming to know there are still some young people who appreciate the older generations and are taking the time to show they care through even the smallest gestures.

-Julie Stenger

Way to go, Julie! You raised an amazing boy! A person who isn’t afraid to go out of their way to help others will go far in life. Even the act of offering to help can touch someone’s heart and make their day easier to get through. Teaching our children to respect the elderly and to not be afraid of giving back to their community is one of the best lessons that we can pass along! Noah learned that, and hopefully more kids can follow in his footsteps!

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