She Wasn’t Interested In Flowers, So He Bought Her Something She’d LOVE!

Rico knew that his girlfriend, Annika, wasn’t all that impressed by flowers. These 19-year-old college students in the Philippines have known each other since they were young, so their very first memories together were hanging out at McDonald’s! Surprising one another randomly with chicken nuggets became a fun way to bring joy into each other’s lives, so why waste money of flowers that will just die when you could spend it on delicious chicken nuggets? Right?

Annika used to joke that if he ever bought her a bouquet of anything, then it had better be made of nuggets! She had no idea that he would actually take the time to make it happen.A friend photographed the moment, and the couple’s quirky love story instantly went viral! The cute picture of a happy couple enjoying a bouquet of chicken nuggets circulated the globe, and their local McDonald’s eventually saw the pictures!

The fast-food restaurant invited the couple to share a meal, and prepared the table with a red tablecloth as a “romantic” setting…they shared chicken nuggets, of course!If this doesn’t make you happy, we’re not sure what will!

Do you have any relationship stories like this? True love doesn’t always read like a storybook…sometimes, there are delicious chicken nuggets involved!

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