She Wasn’t Happy About Wearing Her CGM To A Swim Meet. Then Dad Changed Everything!

A Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) is a device that can sometimes be the difference between life and death for people who have diabetes. It is worn constantly, rain or shine, and is replaced only once per week. Every five minutes, it sends a message to a little pager-like device that displays a person’s current blood sugar and saves lives everyday.

This girl was going to a swim meet, but was a little hesitant about her CGM being so visible. She needed to cover it up with tape to protect it from the water, and that’s when dad got a brilliant idea…6.28a21

Using black and white tape, he carefully created this masterpiece, inch by inch! He cut each piece into small shapes that eventually portrayed a killer whale, one of the most magnificent whales in the ocean.

Her team’s mascot is a killer whale, so the design was even cooler than before.

His wife uses the device and knows how important it can be for monitoring blood sugar and getting something to eat before it is too late. While an adult will understand the benefits, sometimes, kids don’t get it. Parents everywhere are helping their children cope by creating wearable art to protect their CGMs, and it’s really catching on.6.28a22

As technology improves, these devices get smaller, sleeker, and more complex. Hopefully one day there won’t be a need for these anymore, but until then, kids can proudly display their favorite characters or animals and stay healthy at the same time.

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