She Wasn’t Focused Enough To Become A Service Dog…But Her New Career Is Even MORE Incredible!

This teeny tiny little newborn puppy is Ricochet, a dog who was destined to become a service dog. She would be trained and groomed to help disabled people in their everyday lives who couldn’t help themselves. Even as a pup, she had “one ear open” listening for trouble! (Okay, maybe not, but this photo is adorable!)


She was trained to assist in everyday tasks like opening and closing the refrigerator door, turning light switches on and off, fetching shoes from the closet, and just being a calming presence when her human might have an episode. Service dogs do so many things, that focus and attention are the #1 requirement when it comes to their training.


Unfortunately, Ricochet did not have that focus. She had learned to do all of the tasks and tricks that would be required of a service dog of her caliber, but as soon as she would spot a bird, all of her focus would be lost, and she would sprint off to chase it without a care in the world. Her trainers tried their best, but the lure of bright and soft feathers was just too much for Ricochet to handle.12.8f3

Soon after, it was discovered that Ricochet had another love besides birds…and that was the water! Her trainer decided to see if Ricochet could learn to surf…and that’s when this incredible pup found her new calling in life! She became a “SURFice” dog and used her amazing skills and penchant for helping people to raise money for charity.


She now acts as a therapy dog for children and people with disabilities and autism! Her “patients” love her very much!


Everyone feels safer with Ricochet by their side, and Ricochet loves to show them how it’s done!


Ricochet’s story is so very inspiring! We all have a calling in life, and finding it may be harder than we think sometimes. When opportunities don’t work out, or when our hopes are crushed as we realize our dreams might need to take a detour, there is always hope that we can find our path in life with just a little more effort and creativity! Take a page from Ricochet’s book and see where life might take you!

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