She Wasn’t A Fan Her Boring Fridge…And Decided To Use Contact Paper To Liven Things Up!

Easy to use and cheap to buy, contact paper is quickly becoming a favorite among people who want to upgrade their home but can’t afford to buy new items! But upgrading and re-decorating entire rooms doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag – and in fact, this project only cost less than $20! She purchased a large roll of contact paper and only used a small fraction of it for this project…now she has a lot more to use everywhere else in her home!

She decided to start with the refrigerator. It looks just like any old fridge – yellowing handles, bumpy white surface, large, and generally pretty boring. But it was a good place to start, so she removed all of the pictures and magnets and got started!11-17a3She used a template to cut out the shapes that would stick onto the fridge, measuring out the space and cutting each shape out as perfectly as possible. While the lines are all very crisp and geometrical, the overall design will be more forgiving due to the pattern.11-17a4She started slowly, smoothing out air bubbles and working on one section at a time. Eye-balling the spaces between each shape, she moved and re-applied several to make sure they all looked great together.11-17a5If you look lcosely, you can see a few spaces that are larger than others, but the overall effect is truly inspiring! Do you like this idea? You can find more details here!


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