She Was Worried He Wouldn’t Remember To Feed Her Kitten While She Was Away. He Made PANCAKES!

Like most couples, when one goes away on a trip, they worry about their partner left behind. Will he remember to leave the trash out on garbage day? Will they remember to grab the dry cleaning on their way home? Will they remember to feed the pets in the morning? Those were the questions that Kenzie was asking herself when she went out of town, leaving her boyfriend, Chase, in charge of everything. Her most important request, however, was for him to remember to feed their new kitten.

He decided to mess with her a bit. Obviously, he would not forget to feed the small animal, but he wanted to have fun with it. He was making himself some pancakes and thought it would be cute if he made a miniature stack for their kitten, Mr. Wilson, as well.

9-30a2He had put chocolate chips in his own pancakes and jokingly asked if Mr. Wilson would like some, too! (He didn’t actually give any chocolate chips to the cat since it is poisonous to most animals.) He then sent her a picture of Mr. Wilson sniffing around his miniature stack of delicious breakfast!9-30a1While Mr. Wilson licked off the butter,  he wasn’t a huge fan of his very own stack of pancakes and decided to move on to more exciting things in the house. Kittens have a very sensitive diet and Chase knew that his kitten wouldn’t actually eat them…but it made for an adorable picture! Too cute!


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