She Was Wedged Into A Parking Space After Someone Parked Too Close. They Left This Note On Her Windshield!

It’s no secret that parking a vehicle in Seattle, WA is a leaned skill. Countless blog posts and “fix our parking” initiatives wage war on public transit options, garage parking, and side-street parking problems that cause a headache for thousands of people in the city each day. Not everyone can take the bus or ride a bike, and that leaves finding parking wherever it may exist. When one woman came down to the parking lot to get into her car, she discovered that another car had parked much too closely to her driver’s side door.

But instead of feeling frustrated, she saw a note on her windshield scrawled onto the back of an envelope…and when she picked it up, realized that there was money in it, too!

Sorry I parked so close. Couldn’t find a large parking spot. If you can’t get in please call me and I’ll come down. 🙂


Happy Holiday! Buy a coffee on me!”

She tried the door and found that she was still able to get into her car. She texted the number provided on the envelope and offered to give the money back, since there was no issue. “Cat” texted back, saying that she considered it an investment!

You are welcome!!! No need to return the 5$. Buy a coffee or pay it forward. With 2016 almost over it’s nice to spread a little kindness!”

What a nice way to end the year!

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