She Was Walking Through A Busy Market When A Small Child Approached With Something Amazing To Say

Louise Sharp was out with her friend when she was interrupted by a stranger. Like most people, she thought that maybe she had dropped something, but the voice that had called to her was a young girl. When Louise turned around, she knew that she had to share her experience with everyone.

…instead a young girl aged 8 or 9 handed me a bunch of daffodils, a chocolate bunny and a note and said ‘These are for you.’ Completely thrown I asked ‘Oh my goodness, why?’

She replied ‘Because you’re special, and people need to be told they’re special. And we all need to be kind to each other. So these are off me and my Granddad.’

Completely gobsmacked, I thanked her and told her she’s extremely kind and that makes her special too. I doubt you’ll see this, but I’ve just read the note properly and found your name and thank you so much Cassidy and Grandad. You have just completely made my day, if not my year you inspirational girl and I’ll keep the note forever and look at it everytime I feel I’m having a difficult day. And you’re right, we absolutely do.”

The note told her to be kind to others. This little girl will carry the memory of that day with her for the rest of her life – the day her granddad took her out in public to pass on flowers, chocolate, and notes of kindness out to strangers – and that one small act impacted a complete stranger…who then shared the experience online. That post was shared thousands of times, being mentioned and shared even more as time passed. One little girl’s bravery touched thousands…and all she did was pass on her granddad’s message to simply ‘be kind.’

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