She Was Walking Around The Mall With No Shoes On Until THIS Cop Stopped Her And Did Something Incredible!

This cop probably didn’t expect to be in this situation today. He was at the end of his shift and was just ready to get off of work and finally make his way home. But something stopped him…he noticed a woman who had been walking around the mall to escape the cold weather. This wasn’t an uncommon thing in their area. When the weather gets colder, the homeless will often seek warmer stores or malls just to fight off the chill for an hour or two. What caught his eye about this woman was the fact that she had been walking around without any shoes on.


He wasn’t looking for recognition. He didn’t want to give anyone his name. The only thing he cared about was that a fellow human being was walking around without a basic necessity…and probably had been for some time! He couldn’t do very much for her. He couldn’t fix her situation or give her a job. But he could buy her a single pair of shoes for a store and make her life just a little bit more manageable. It turns out that his generosity was contagious – not only did another bystander pitch in, they gave even more than they planned to thanks to the manager’s discount! This is the kindness that we should see more of in the world!

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