She Was Upset That The Tooth Fairy Had IGNORED Her Lost Tooth! Mom Wrote A VERY Convincing Reply!

One night, Sophie’s mom was working late…this just happened to be the night that Sophie lost a tooth! She didn’t tell anyone about it, but instead put it under her pillow because that’s what you’re supposed to do so that the Tooth Fairy will be able to find it. She thought that she had done everything right…but several days had passed, and every morning she woke up even more disappointed than the last when her freshly lost tooth was still underneath her pillow!

She decided to get “tough” with the Tooth Fairy. Enough was enough! She wrote this angry letter and posted it on her headboard to make sure that the Tooth Fairy saw it!


Dear Tooth Fairy,

Please come get my tooth I have been waiting for 4 Days. From Sophie, Top Bunck [sic]”

When mom realized what had happened, she felt so guilty! She hadn’t known that her daughter had lost a tooth and was devastated that her little princess had been waiting for nearly a week! She took a color-changing crayon and wrote in her best “Fairy Hand” a sincere apology with a believable excuse (she hoped!) and put it under Sophie’s pillow along with a $1 bill.


Sorry, Sophie! My wings were tired! ~T.F.

Mom really wanted to write about how much else she had to deal with and probably would have forgotten about the lost tooth even if she had known about it, but she just decided to throw the Tooth Fairy under the bus instead! Smart move, mom! Hey, at least there’s only a few more teeth to forget about!

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