She Was Trying To Raise A THOUSAND Dollars For A Special Cause. Her 6-Year-Old Wanted To Help!

Shelby has a special goal: to raise $1,000 for an event dedicated to polycystic ovary syndrome. She was on the phone with a friend and was talking about how she was fairly close to her goal. Collecting the large amount of money would allow her to participate in a 5k to raise awareness for PCOS, but she wasn’t there yet. Apparently, her 6-year-old son, Parker, had overheard the whole thing.

While he didn’t necessarily understand exactly what the money was for or the significance of what he was doing, he knew that by donating his $2 and change would help.

Those pretty ladies need your help more than I need Spider-Man.” He said, mentioning the action figure that he had been saving up for.


Parker had been doing extra chores around the house to earn the money, but when she saw his hard-earned money sitting on the counter with the note: “Mommy,” she had to ask him what it was for.

She explained a little bit about why his donation was so incredible and posted the story on Facebook. Many people decided to pitch in and help her reach her goal with the instructions to return Parker’s savings and to tell him thanks for his generosity!

In this world filled with so many sources telling you how to parent and making you feel like you’re doing it wrong, I felt blessed to know that even on the days I feel like I’m getting everything wrong, maybe I’m getting something right with him.”

This little boy may be young, but he recognizes the important things in life. Mom is doing a great job!


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