She Was Trapped In A Van For Four Hours. Three Men Found Her After Her SCREAMS Drew Them In!

On a brisk Tuesday afternoon, Gemma Lloyd was driving out to meet a client of the spark plug company that she works for. The road she had to take was not often traveled, and was rather far from the main road when she realized that she needed a pen from the back of the van. She pulled over and quickly hopped into the back of the van…but the wind was strong that day, and a particularly violent gust threw the van door shut!

She had left her cell phone in the front of the cab, and the back of the van didn’t have a handle or way to release the door. She started to panic! A few cars passed by, but none of them stopped to question the van on the side of the road. The windows were tinted, but she saw the lights from a group of cyclists approaching.

She had one chance to get their attention. “I don’t think I have ever shouted so loud in my life. I knew it was my only chance.”

A team of 11 cyclists were in the middle of a charity bike ride to raise £250,000 for Sport Relief when they heard the screams coming from the van.

To come across this girl going absolutely bonkers in the back of the van, in hysterics, it was surreal, it was really petrifying.”


McDonald thought at first that they were “probably going to have to fight the kidnapper,” from the way she was screaming. “There’s no telling, as this was pretty much the middle of nowhere, how long she might have otherwise been locked in the van. I’m just glad we were passing by.”

As scared as she was, the cyclists admitted to being terrified as well. Anything could have been happening in that van…but thankfully, they were brave enough to check it out!

The aspiring model smiled for a picture with her rescuers before they headed back out onto their ride for charity. She was just thankful to be out of that van!

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