She Was Tired Of Plain Blinds And Found An EASY Way To Transform Them!

The idea of patterned blinds seems complicated, and you usually won’t be able to find them in any stores. You could paint plain blinds on your own or purchase them in a wood-grain finish, but finding designs that match your home decor is exceedingly rare! One crafty woman figured out how to give her current blinds a face lift with this ingenious method!

At first, she tried to use printed images with a gel glue stick and mod podge but soon decided that wallpaper was a better idea. Using printed images could work, but you would need to be aware that the images may bubble up just a bit while you are applying them.

9-30a6She measured each wooden slat and cut the wallpaper to size with a large paper-cutter. A matte board and rotary cutter might be easier, but if you don’t have these, just carefully cut the pieces to size as best you can.

She glued the pieces on in three separate strips for each blind to fit them under and around the strings holding the blinds in place. If you are brave, you might be able to remove the slats first, but she thought it was safer to simply glue on individual slices of wallpaper. 9-30a4When everything was coated and dried, she hung them up to display! The design was visible and matched perfectly!
9-30a5Would blinds like these look great in your home? Any wallpaper, any design, and any color can instantly change the look of your blinds! See more details on this project here!


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