She Was Tired Of Being Bullied And Sitting Alone At Lunch…So She Made An APP!

Natalie Hampton is just 16, but she isn’t letting that fact hold her back from standing up for what she believes is right. During her earlier school years, she was the victim of bullying, eventually needing to switch schools because of the way other students were ignoring and treating her. At the worst of it, she would eat alone every day, feeling the judgment and shame of having to eat alone because on one would let her join their lunch table.

She thrived at her new school and made friends…but something still didn’t feel quite right. That’s when she noticed that other students were currently going through what she did. They were sitting alone and rarely interacting or seeing others in their positions.9-15a7The app is called Sit With Us and lets people start an “open lunch” group. It shows students which lunch tables have open seats and eliminating that awkward “hey…can I sit here?” that frightens everyone.

Since the creation of the app, shy students around the country have been able to find new friends and meet new people with confidence, finding a place to eat quickly without any hesitation. Many adults say that it sounds like a great idea, especially in crowded coffee shops! Older students want to use it to find study buddies in crowded libraries, and even more are excited to be able to face their first days at new schools with a sense of confidence that just wasn’t available before!

What do you think of her awesome new app?


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