She Was Stranded On The Side Of The Road With Two Young Children When This Cop Comes In And Does Something AWESOME!

Being stranded on the side of the road can be terrifying. It’s dangerous, especially if you are stuck on a freeway with miles between the nearest exits. You’re vulnerable and basically helpless unless you start walking the miles towards the next gas station. Thankfully, most of us have cell phones and can call for help, but those minutes or hours spent waiting for assistance can be some of the most nerve-wracking. Adding in children to the mix of that uncertainty immediately takes the fear to another level. That’s where this mom of two found herself one morning before work, and amazingly, one officer was not about to let her deal with the situation by herself!


This level of care is a rare thing in this day and age. This cop could have just shown up, filed his report, and driven off to return to his duties. He could have just gone to breakfast, gone back to the station, or a million other things…instead he chose to help a young mom out of a tough situation! She gladly shared this awesome story on Facebook and it quickly went VIRAL – and for good reason! Too many people choose to focus on the negatives in life. She could have complained about her car or how she now had to repair it and figure out what to do until it was fixed. Instead, she was thankful that she received assistance, and that’s what makes her post so unique!

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