She Was Slowly Replacing Family Pictures With Pictures Of Her Dog. Mom Was Not Amused!

Dixie, the two-pound Chihuahua, has slowly been taking over the portraits displayed throughout the family home for the last few weeks, and mom finally noticed!

Marissa had a silly idea that all started when she put Dixie into a raincoat and found that the little pooch was a natural model. She started with her older sister’s kindergarten yearbook photo, crafting a little wig for Dixie and making a little replica of the her sister’s dress. Mom wasn’t left out, either! Marissa replaced her grandmother’s photograph with an old-timey black and white headshot of Dixie, matching flower and all.Next up was a recreation of Marissa’s high school graduation photo! Dixie wore a stylish green towel and an old medal, finished with a hand-crafted graduation cap!Mom finally noticed when a guest pointed it out. She had been entertaining guests when they noticed that 5 x 7’s of the family’s dog had been sprinkled throughout their living room, nestled between other family photos.

She messaged her daughter, asking her to stop switching out photos.

I don’t want people thinking that’s what I do in my spare time,” mom said.

Marissa argued that it was hilarious…but mom had the perfect comeback!

Her graduation picture came out better than yours.” Ouch, mom!

Marissa decided to pursue Dixie’s newfound fame by starting an Instagram account for the photogenic family pet. Too cute!

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