She Was Shopping For Thanksgiving Dinner When She Realized She Forgot Her Wallet

Danielle was with her son at the grocery store doing the family’s shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. It was going to be a lot of food and she wanted to make sure that she had picked up everything ahead of time. But she was standing at the checkout counter watching her groceries being scanned when she went to grab her wallet…and noticed that it wasn’t in her purse!

She panicked for just a moment and called her husband to see if he could drop it off. She was on the phone with him when a woman stepped up and offered to pay for the entire thing. She felt tears well up in her eyes and was shocked.

A complete stranger offered to pay for $178 dollars worth of groceries, and Danielle couldn’t believe it.

I have to give you a hug,” Danielle said as she hugged the woman.

The woman wouldn’t give anyone her name or address – Danielle wanted to send a thank you card – and insisted that she only wanted to do something kind during the holidays. 11-23a6

So, Danielle did the next best thing…she posted the story on Facebook. The tale of the random stranger purchasing groceries for a frantic mother has gotten thousands of likes and shares, and people have reported that they intend to “pay it forward” as soon as possible…even though it wasn’t their story!

Danielle says that she has been paying for people’s drinks in the Starbucks lines every time she goes to try and pay it all forward, and hopes that more will do the same.


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